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Photosynthesis Irradiance Incubator

We and Space Applications Centre (ISRO), Ahmedabad has designed and developed a photosynthetic irradiance incubator (PI Box). We have licenced for manufacturing and supplier of PI Box now.This is used to measure the PI parameters which can be used for estimating column primary production using remote sensing data. The major components of the photosynthetron are the main incubation chamber, source lamp, transparent rectangular box, temperature sensor,

  • The photosynthetron incubates a sample of phytoplankton in its natural water under a I controlled light gradient condition provided by a light source and a series of optical screens, under simulated ambient aquatic environment.
  • The incubation chamber houses linearly arranged phytoplankton sample, containing box with a continuous tilting motion to allow phytoplankton in a suspension.
  • A temperature sensor monitors temperature of the water bath which helps in maintaining desired ambient temperature for the samples.
  • The period of incubation of the sample is programmable.

All laboratories, research institutes, universities involved in marine & oceanographic research
especially in the area of primary production by phytoplankton and fisheries

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Photosynthesis Irradiance Incubator